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A Look Back in History

  1. A History of Aspen Skiing Company

      Aspen and Aspen Skiing Company both have long rich histories. There was a thriving population in this valley years before anyone dreamt of a world-class mountain resort. Here is one version of Aspen’s lively past.   Over a century ago, silver prospectors braved the wilderness of the upper Roaring Fork Valley, one of the […]

  2. Ski Jumping At Soldier Field

    National Ski Council Federation

    Norge is the oldest continuously open ski club in the United States. The clubs has also had some promotional jumps. Once the Norge ski club rented out Navy Pier in Chicago and set up a jump where the jumpers landed in the water. Another big event was when the Norge Ski Club rented out Soldier […]

  3. A Look Back in History

    History of Telluride Ski and Golf Resort Telluride Ski Resort and the historical Town of Telluride have their roots firmly planted in the mining industry. In 1964, Telluride was designated a National Historic Landmark District for its outstanding degree of historical significance due to its early mining history. Gold was first discovered in the Telluride […]

  4. A Look Back in History

    A History of Spyder: David Jacobs—The Founder of Sypder: Born October 1, 1933 in Montreal, Canada, David Jacobs began his skiing at age thirteen. His first race was at age eighteen. At twenty-one, he won the Quebec Kandahar, proving that he was on the fast track to becoming a nationally competitive skier. Obtaining his Bachelor […]

  5. Mammoth Mountain

    “Idle they have lain for these many months, these two gleaming surfaces, and now they are gently taken down, caressed and polished, that they might be truly called “Wooden Wings.” Many are there amongst us who have gazed longingly at them on their storage racks and let our minds wander back, fondly recollecting the many […]

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