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  1. Why Do Nordic Skiers Nordic Ski?

    Why Do Nordic Skiers Nordic Ski? And answers to other unanswerable questions, by Sweet Jane January 24, 2018 Meet Sweet Jane, our ski town advice columnist. Not her real name, also not that sweet. This sound advice originally appeared in the January 2018 (46.5) issue of POWDER. My boyfriend won’t shut up about how ‘Saturdays are […]

  2. The 33-Year-Old Skier Who Became the Mayor of Truckee

    The 33-Year-Old Skier Who Became the Mayor of Truckee As the Mayor of Truckee, California, Morgan Goodwin put the ski town on track toward 100 percent renewable energy January 04, 2018 By Trevor Husted  Ski towns are on the front lines of climate change, and 2017 was a year for local mountain municipalities to take action and […]

  3. What’s inside your skis?

    What’s inside your skis? This story originally appeared in POWDER. Words by Jack Foersterling Putting together skis. Photo: Courtesy of David Reddick/POWDER While you may have skied for years, decades even, on countless different pairs of skis, have you ever sat down and thought about what actually makes up those sticks you strap to your feet and send […]

  4. It’s Official: The Olympic Games Will Be In Paris In 2024, And Los Angeles In 2028

    It’s Official: The Olympic Games Will Be In Paris In 2024, And Los Angeles In 2028 The bids were made official Wednesday after deals were struck with the cities earlier this summer. Jason Wells and Jim Dalrymple II Olympic organizers made it official on Wednesday: the Summer Games will be held in Paris in 2024, and then […]

  5. 9 Icebreakers For Riding the Lift Single

    9 Icebreakers For Riding the Lift Single These one liners will make for much-improved chairlift banter June 15, 2017 By Micah Abrams Everyone knows what they’re supposed to do when they join a group on a chairlift as a single rider: engage in jocular bonhomie with their fellow snowsport enthusiasts. “Great snow today, right guys?” […]

  6. Five Tips for Sierra Summer Skiing

    Five Tips For Sierra Summer Skiing in West — by Rose Marie Cleese — June 26, 2017 [Editor Note: This article by Correspondent Rose Marie Cleese first appeared in Liftopia’s The Blog.  We thank Liftopia for allowing us to pass it along to the readers of] Even though summer has officially arrived and temperatures […]

  7. What to Do When You Get Sick on Vacation

    What to Do When You Get Sick on Vacation: Travelogue Podcast by CNT Editors June 2, 2017 Getty Sickness and travel don’t go well together. We share our own harrowing tales of health emergencies on the road—and what we learned from them.   Getting sick anywhere sucks—but getting the flu, a stomach bug, or worse […]

  8. A Coalition in Park City is $2.6 Million Shy of Saving Backcountry Ski Terrain

    A Coalition in Park City is $2.6 Million Shy of Saving Backcountry Ski Terrain The Save Bonanza Flats campaign has united local government, citizens, and nonprofits in the fight to save public land May 25, 2017 By Julie Brown   Photo: Taylor Ballam/Utah Open Lands At a time when the fight to save public land […]

  9. 11 Must-Haves for Your Carry-on Bag

    11 Must-Haves for Your Carry-on Bag By Caroline Morse Reprinted from   Dreading a long flight? Pack these 11 things in your carry-on to make the hours fly by—even if you’ve landed the worst seat in coach!   Inflatable Pillow Sleep is a crucial way to kill time on a long-haul flight, and a […]

  10. The Case for the Local Ski Area

    So It’s Not The Rockies.  But What Makes Mom-And-Pop Special? Ski Butternut in the Berkshires: All you need for a fun day with friends at a typical local area. Credit: Ski Butternut [Editor Note: As we are seeing in a month of startling industry news, the ski business is rapidly consolidating.  Big corporations are buying […]

  11. How Will Consolidations and Collaborations Impact Senior Skiers?

    Bigger Better? With the Aspen KSL Capital Partners acquisition of Stratton VT and Mt. Tremblant, PQ, and Vail buying the iconic Stowe VT resort, it appears the ski industry has passed a tipping point. The trend is now toward nation-wide reach, corporate management and marketing, multi-resort passes that can be used from coast to coast, […]

  12. 5 Ways to Keep Your Passport Safe When Traveling

    by Katherine LaGrave reprinted from Conde Nast June 3, 2016 Getty Losing a passport is no one’s idea of a good time. It’s precious cargo, but there are easy ways to avoid losing or damaging your passport. And those pickpockets won’t stand a chance. What passports lack in size, they more than make up for in […]

  13. Market Club Trips on Value

    National Ski Council Federation

    Ski trips are a prime activity for many ski clubs. This is especially true of clubs in areas far from skiing and riding opportunities. Club members, however, have many travel options. So, how do clubs compete with discount packages offered by resorts and others? The National Ski Council Federation brings ski council presidents from across […]

  14. Whistler Blackcomb Says “NO” to Smoking

    Whistler Blackcomb resort bans smoking, including marijuana, everywhere on its property This includes lift lines, chairlifts, gondolas, ski runs, hiking trails, valley base areas, parking lots, bike trails and all bar and restaurant locations, including patios   The pristine Whistler Blackcomb resort has a message for you: butt out. As of May 30, smoking will […]

  15. U.S. Ski Team Takes NASTAR Reins

    The US Ski Team and NASTAR have entered into an agreement where the team manages NASTAR with the idea of raising the profile of ski racing in America . The partnership is a vital part of the USSA’s efforts to activate more young skiers into the sport across America .  It expects its integration with […]

  16. 9 Ski Resort Bloody Marys to Try

    Ah, the Bloody Mary: that spicy, savory, tomato juice-based, vodka-laced drink that is enjoyed with such relish (literal and figurative relish) during brunch, on a ski break or as a hangover remedy. Few “classic” cocktails have as colorful past as the Bloody Mary, which has been enjoyed for more than 80 years. History of the […]

  17. Stem Cell ACL: Cutting-Edge Knee Repair Sans Surgery

    From Heather B. Fried I entered the room where a Halloween-prop-sized needle was being cored down into the patient’s hip still skeptical that this procedure was “comfortable” and “painless” as I had read. But, after carrying on a conversation with the patient—who was, admittedly, doing much better than I at that moment, chatting calmly […]

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