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National Ski Club News: Industry

  1. Large Snowstorm Deposits 26-Foot-Deep Snowdrifts in New Zealand Over Weekend

    Large Snowstorm Deposits 26-Foot-Deep Snowdrifts in New Zealand Over Weekend SnowBrains | July 24, 2017 |   New Zealand ski resorts just got huge amounts of snow including snowdrifts up to 26-Feet-Deep. This storm was brutal with huge amounts of snow and wind.  All these ski resorts are calling this new snow “wind affected snow.” Another big dump […]

  2. The World’s Highest Elevation Ski Resort Closed Due to “Unprecedented” Glacial Retreat

    The World’s Highest Elevation Ski Resort Chacaltaya, Boliva @ 17,785-Feet Closed Due to “Unprecedented” Glacial Retreat SnowBrains | July 17, 2017 | When we think about where the highest ski resort on Earth lies, visions of Switzerland, Austria, France, & Colorado fill our minds.  Reality is strikingly different. The highest ski resort on Earth lives at only 16° south […]


    HITTING THE SKIDS A few of the stories we’re willing to tell… By Warren Miller Entertainment | June 21, 2017 From Snoworld 1997 Text by Laurie Hendrie, Illustrations by Michael Witte In the summer of ’68, Warren Miller’s film crew waited in silence atop the Tasmin Glacier in New Zealand. They had finished a fine […]

  4. Wildfire threatens Breckenridge, forces evacuations

    Wildfire threatens Breckenridge, forces evacuations July 07, 2017 By Robert Pursell This story first appeared in POWDER. Words by Jack Foersterling. After a small fire outside Breckenridge erupted into an inferno Wednesday afternoon, the popular ski town in Summit County, Colorado, is still under pre-evacuation notice. Located about four miles north of Breckenridge, the fire was reported at 11 a.m. […]

  5. Mountaineer will attempt to become the first person to ski K2

    Mountaineer will attempt to become the first person to ski K2 By Iain Burns For Mailonline PUBLISHED: 12:02 EDT, 12 July 2017 | UPDATED: 12:15 EDT, 12 July 2017 In the coming days, Polish ski mountaineer Andrzej Bargiel will attempt something never before accomplished in mountaineering history: The 29-year-old will not only try to summit K2, the world’s second-largest mountain, […]

  6. You Are 66.6. You Skied 25.4 Days. You Buy Lunch At The Lodge

     by Jon Weisberg — May 25, 2017 And, You Like The most recent reader spring survey explored how readers spend a typical ski day and how much they spend in the process. As with earlier reader surveys, this one had a 27% response, unusually high in the world of print and digital magazines. […]

  7. National Ski Club Newsletter Editor Retiring By Bob Wilbanks, NSCN

    After 29 years of publishing The National Ski Club Newsletter, I’ve had a lot of fun meeting, partying, and skiing with many club and council officers in club and council meetings, trade shows, and on the world’s ski slopes but, due to continuing health issues, I am retiring as editor of The National Ski Club […]

  8. Skiing Generated 4.8 Billion Dollars For Colorado’s Growing Economy

    National Ski Council Federation

    Colorado Ski Country U.S.A. and Vail Resorts, Inc. announced the findings of a comprehensive economic impact study of Colorado’s ski industry, the first of its kind in nearly two decades. Colorado’s ski industry generated a $4.8 billion annual economic impact during the 2013-2014 ski season, comprising a significant portion of the state’s tourism and recreation […]

  9. Vail Resorts Launches EpicPromise Foundation And Commits $30 Million to Employee Housing

    National Ski Council Federation

    EpicPromise Foundation Vail Resorts has formed the EpicPromise Foundation, a public charity designed to support the employees of the company in times of need and offer educational scholarships to both employees and their families. To fund the Foundation, Vail Resorts intends to contribute $500,000 per year and Vail Resorts CEO Rob Katz will make a […]

  10. Big Sky Ski Patrollers Must be EMT Certified By Bob Wilbanks, NSCN

    National Ski Council Federation

    Big Sky Resort has one of the largest Ski Patrol organizations in the United States with 105 professional ski patrollers and 140 volunteer ski patrollers. Training is key and prior to every winter season Big Sky Resort Ski Patrol hosts the Big Sky Medical Refresher. What sets Big Sky Resort’s training apart is all Big […]

  11. As One Vacation Door Closes a Bit, Other Doors Open By Bob Wilbanks, NSCN

    National Ski Council Federation

    For the last decade, we have heard ski industry sales people complain that the days of ski club business are numbered because of the advancing average age of ski club members. I submit to America’s ski clubs — and to the ski industry — that those comments express a “glass half empty” philosophy. Yes, America’s […]

  12. U.S. Members-Only Ski Resorts By Bob Wilbanks, NSCN

    National Ski Council Federation

    Montana’s Yellowstone Club The first resort that recently started catering to the top 1% was the Tim Blixseth’s 2,200-skiable acre Yellowstone Club adjacent to Big Sky Resort. The Yellowstone Club drew around 250 big name homeowners who paid $250,000 for a membership (plus $5 to $35 million for a house at the club — and […]

  13. Uphill Skiing is Encourged on Aspen Skiing’s Mountains

    National Ski Council Federation

    The Aspen Times reports that, while a lot of ski industry remains wary of uphill traffic by skiers using climbing skins, Aspen Skiing Co. not only embraces uphilling, it’s promoting it. Aspen is offering clinics for uphillers for the first time this season. The resort rents alpine touring gear at its Four Mountain Sports at […]

  14. Most U.S. Western Resorts Rush to Ban Camera Drones As Their Popularity Rises But a Few Resorts Plan to Offer Commercial Drone Photo Service By Bob Wilbanks, NSCN

    National Ski Council Federation

    As the use of recreational drones to film videos is increasing in popularity, ski resorts and the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) are working to determine how to deal with this emerging new technology on the slopes. Fearing impacts with other skiers, lifts, etc, the National Ski Areas Association (NSAA) has drafted its own set of […]

  15. 2015 -2016 Multi_Resort Season Passes

    National Ski Council Federation

    2015-2016 Multi-Resort Season Passes Announced By Bob Wilbanks, NSCN The Denver Post reported that ski industry analysts estimate that Vail Resorts sells 300,000 variations of the Epic Pass per season while the website, Curbed Ski, put the figure at 400,000 passes sold for $200 million last ski season. Whichever figure is accurate, Vail’s success has […]

  16. NSC Newsletter Three – Industry

    National Ski Council Federation

    Coming Soon. Look for monthly newsletters from the National Ski Club specifically related to the Industry.

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