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Industry Spotlight – Bomber Ski

Cutting Edge: Bomber Ski

When five-time World Cup Champion and ski racing legend Marc Girardelli first used a pair of Bomber skis in Aspen, he was instantly impressed—so much so that he called one of the owners of the company, Robert Siegel, while sitting on the gondola. “He said the skis were so special he wanted to represent Bomber,” says Robert, “and recognizing the power that comes with a world-class endorsement, we signed him to a multi-year contract as our global ambassador. Our designs really are that good, and it’s because we are uncompromising in our mission to create the world’s best skis.”


For a boutique company, signing one of the best skiers in history seemed a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. But then Bode Miller, the most decorated US Olympic skier in history and one of only two men to win gold in World Cup races across all five disciplines in a single season—the other being Marc Girardelli—tried Bomber skis. He determined that the quality of the skis stood so distinctly above others that he joined Bomber as an equity partner and global b

rand ambassador. In his own words: “For the first time I had found a ski company that enabled every skier to experience the quality that is normally reserved for the best in the world. I am excited to be part of bringing this level of quality to skiers of all levels, as it vastly enhances the ski experience.”


Superior quality

Robert’s own relationship with Bomber similarly resulted from using Bomber’s skis. But though he was impressed by the quality, he was reluctant to make an investment—“as the industry had commoditized skis. It trained consumers to think of skis as products for which they should bargain and that were not of value. The same people that spend over $100,000 on a brief trip to leading European luxury resorts would never think of doing so for their equipment, as there is not a significant enough distinction between brands.”


Robert’s view changed in 2013 when he and his long-time business partner decided to combine their shared interests of luxury brands and skiing. “I was reading Steve Jobs’ biography and a light bulb switched on in my head,” says Robert. “The iPhone was created because mobile phones were unattractive, utilitarian commodities. Likewise, skis were seen as the cheapest part of the ski experience. We recognized that people would appreciate the opportunity to use skis of the kind of quality normally reserved for a limited selection of the world’s most elite skiers, but that are designed specifically for recreational skiers of all levels.”






Devotion to perfection


Bomber prides itself on the quality of its products, and its skis are as exquisite in their design as they are in technical craftsmanship.

The process of designing and producing Bomber Skis is free of cost constraints, with the sole focus being to produce the best possible skis.“There are limited sources for the metal used in our edges, and the wood or materials used for our bases,” says Robert. Such is the company’s devotion to ensuring perfection that it manufactures just 5,000 pairs of skis a year. Its designs are understated and elegant, but it also creates skis that use imagery from artists Jean-Michel Basquiat and Keith Haring, as well as customized models.


Bomber’s primary focus may be enhancing the experience of the recreational skier, but its competition skis are also exceptional. Last season the number one US Men’s Mogul Skier, Jeremy Cota, rode on Bombers, while KC Oakley, part of the US Freestyle Ski Team, won the World Cup in Deer Valley on her Bombers. The company is also the official supplier to both the US and Canadian ski teams.


Placing no limits on quality, cost or design, Bomber Ski enables skiers of any ability the chance to have a world-class experience on the slopes., 212.980.2442,









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