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Let’s Tell the World About the Exciting Lifestyle That America’s Ski Clubs Offer Their Members

(By Bob Wilbanks, National Ski Club Newsletter)

don't just dreamThe Birmingham Ski Club’s motto as expressed on the cover of their newsletter is Some people dream of an exciting life. We make it happen. That’s exactly what ski clubs are all about! Ski clubs can take a really dull lifesyle and fill it with excitement, travel, activities, sports, happy hours, parties, and adventure, and sometimes, maybe even romance.

Forget bragging about how much money we can save our members on ski trips. (Let’s face it, the Internet and the airlines are killing parts of that claim anyway.)

Forget telling folks that they might find a lover or spouse in the club. (That’s true, but let’s leave it to be discovered but not spoken.)

What ski clubs are all about is giving their members an exciting life. And who doesn’t want an exciting life?

Ski clubs schedule monthly and sometimes weekly happy hours, ski trips, travel to exciting places, camping trips, picnics, cultural events, charity events, opportunities to serve the community (and the club), not to mention new and interesting friends, and that makes an interesting lifestyle! Every ski club in the country should adopt some variation on this slogan!

I discussed the slogan idea with Gerry Hartshorn, marketing guru and former president of both the Ski Club of Washington D.C. and Denver’s Schussbaumer Ski Club and he came up with a variation on the theme with a call-to-action point:

Don’t just dream of having an exciting life.  Join (fill in club name here) & make it happen.

All you have to do is to insert the name of your club and surround it with some photos of your club activities  for an easy marketing program and slogan. Let’s show America that what ski clubs are offering is relief from a boring lifestyle.

America’s ski clubs are offering potential members an exciting lifestyle, so let’s tell the world about it!

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