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  1. DeBooter by Outdoor Logic Solutions

    DeBooter by Outdoor Logic Solutions

    Slip your feet from the clutches of your frozen ski boots with the DeBooter. Simply unbuckle those bad boys, step your boot into the heel cup & slide your foot out. 20% off for NSCF members.

  1. Vintage Snow

    Vintage Snow

    Vintage Snow supports NCSF members by offering a 15% discount on our complete line of vintage ski gifts, ski-themed home decor, ski art and antiques. No minimum order.

  1. Vintage Ski World

    Vintage Ski World

    Vintage Ski World is pleased to offer NCSF members a 10% discount on all their products. We offer vintage posters, photos, vintage ski equipment & gear, patches, stickers, books and more.

  1. PRW Design

    PRW Design

    PRW Design is providing NSCF members Free Shipping with the first order worth $150 or more.

  1. East-West Printing

    East-West Printing

    East-West Printing is providing NSCF member clubs and councils very attractive pricing on Custom T-shirts both long and short sleeves and sweatshirts.

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The National Ski Council Federation was formally established in 1999. It consists of the largest 30 ski councils in the United States and boasts a total membership exceeding 1/3 of a million snowsports enthusiasts.

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