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K2 is bringing back the Luv

OOOLaLa Luv_reduced_50PCTThe All-New OoolaLuv 85Ti

Developed by women for women, we are excited to be bringing back the the Luv! The new Luv skis provide ladies with strength and stability, but also forgiveness and control thanks to the all-new channel light core technology. The staple ski in the new Luv line is the OoolaLuv 85ti. Created by the K2 Ski Alliance, this is the quintessential all-mountain ski. With a versatile waist width of 85mm underfoot, the OoolaLuv can ski everywhere. The new core gives skiers a lighter ski that results in reduced swing weight and a smooth flex that a hard charging all-mountain ski needs.

Play the video to see it in action and for an in-depth look at the latest from the K2 Ski Alliance.

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