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National Ski Council Federation Newsbeat August 2016

National Ski Council Federation News

August 2016

Vail Resorts to Acquire Whistler Blackcomb. Vail Resorts (VR) is purchasing Whistler Blackcomb, the largest ski resort in North America. In what the company calls a “strategic business combination,” VR will acquire 100 percent of Whistler Blackcomb stock in a cash and stock deal worth a total of about USD$1.056 billion. The transaction is expected to close in fall of 2016. More. SAM

Vail Outlines Initial Plans for Whistler Blackcomb Purchase. In revealing its plan to acquire Whistler Blackcomb (see separate report), Vail Resorts (VR) outlined some initial intentions. More. SAM

The Silver Lining of Vail’s Bid to Take Over Skiing. The preeminent Colorado corporation is buying up ski resorts left and right. Many are hollering “Evil Empire!”, and say a monopoly would destroy the sport—but it’s not all bad. Ed Note: This is an interesting analysis/commentary about how the conglomerates are keeping resorts operating in the face of increasing challenges. More.  Outside Magazine

Mountain Collective Adds Telluride and Revelstoke. Telluride, Colo., and Revelstoke, B.C., Canada, Aug. 9, 2016—The collection of destinations accessible via The Mountain Collective just grew to 14, for now, with the addition of Telluride, Colo., and Revelstoke, British Columbia. More. SAM

Commercial Flights Return to Telluride. Commercial air service to Telluride Airport will resume Dec. 17 following a two-year hiatus, now that Colorado Flights has completed a deal with Great Lakes Airlines to reinstate its service from Denver. Great Lakes, which had operated direct flights into Telluride for 17 years, will run year-round flights between Telluride (TEX) and Denver International Airport (DEN), averaging 10 flights per week, with one per day during slower periods and two or more per day during busier times of year. Great Lakes will serve Telluride with twin-engine 19-passenger Beechcraft 1900 planes. The trip takes 45 minutes, and leaves guests with a 10-minute ride into town or to the resort. More.  SAM

27-Year-Old to Buy Echo Mountain (CO) for $3.8 Million. After filing for bankruptcy in February, Echo Mountain owner Nora Pykkonen appears to have found a buyer for the small ski area just outside of Denver. SkiEcho is managed by 27-year-old Peter Burwell, son of the late Rod Burwell, a Minnesota philanthropist who owned several hotels in Aspen. Peter is listed as CEO of the family’s Burwell Enterprises, a private company that owns a diverse set of businesses. More. SAM

Concrete Grout Failure Possible Cause of Sunday River Lift Incident. Investigators think they may have discovered why the upper terminal of the Spruce Peak Triple seemed to uproot from the ground at Sunday River on July 10. According to the resort, MountainGuard engineers said it appears that the concrete grout used to adhere steel reinforcement bars to the foundation of the terminal and the bedrock below failed. They planned to return to the resort to take core samples from the bedrock where concrete grout is present for further tests. No one saw the incident occur, and no one was injured. More. SAM

The Outdoor Industry Is Finally Ready to Play Political Hardball. Colorado, Utah, and Washington have each created an outdoor-czar position in the past four years. It’s an acknowledgement of the economic power of an industry that includes ski resorts, gear manufacturers, retailers, and hunting and fishing guides. For decades those groups have failed to coordinate their lobbying efforts, and their political power has gone unrealized. Ed. Note: This article talks about three states (CO, MT, and WA) who are mounting a lobbying effort to Congress and their respective state legislatures that consolidates all outdoor activities. More. Outside Magazine

Picabo Street launches new school in Park City. The famous School of Hard Knocks is the more difficult path, especially for a student driven to excel in another pursuit outside of the classroom. In fact, for students with a real passion to pursue their bliss, traditional schooling can be a major deterrent. That’s one of the reasons why Picabo Street is getting behind a new academic option for students in the Park City, Utah, area. More. Ski Racing

Vail Resorts Withdraws Application to Trademark “Park City.” Vail Resorts abandoned its effort to trademark the name “Park City” on July 16 in the face of opposition from a long line of critics. In May it was reported that Vail Resorts filed a trademark application to secure the name “Park City” as it pertains to Park City Mountain Resort, a property the company purchased in 2014. The move to trademark the name of a town that was founded in 1869 and is included in the name of several local businesses went over like a monsoon in February. VR got the hint, and has decided to drop the plan. More. SAM

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